Family Photos


Click hear to view our photogenic strawberry pickers.

We would love to see your photos that you take at our Farm, and better yet, we would love to share those photos with everyone you know. If you would like to post any of the photos you take at the Farm on our website we would be glad to post them. 

Please follow these 3 simple guidelines for the format of your photos:

  1. All photos need to be 72DPI. (Most photos taken with a digital camera are 72DPI.)
  2. All photos should be no larger than 1.5 MB.
  3. All photos have to be taken at Sussex County Strawberry Farm.  

That's it. To send us your photo and email a friend or a family member please click on the link below.

Click here to email your photos to the website administrator, don't forget to include the emails of your family members you want us to notify.