Raspberry Picking

Mm Mm Mm... Strawberries!

Raspberry season at Sussex County Strawberry Farm does not begin till late August.

Please call a head for picking times and conditions.

Important Picking Tips...

Fresh raspberries harvested at their peak of quality surpass by far those purchased at retail outlets. Ripe raspberries will separate easily from the plant. To ensure that none of the fruit gets too ripe, berries should be picked every two or three days. Because hot weather ripens raspberries quickly, it is sometimes necessary to pick every day. So come on down and have a great time picking our tasty raspberries.

To harvest, use the thumb, index, and middle fingers to pick the berries. They should be placed (not dropped) directly in a basket or other container. Harvested berries should be handled as little as possible and kept in the shade until they can be placed in cool storage. Under ideal conditions (31° to 32°F and 90 to 95 percent humidity) the fruit will keep for a day or two.


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